One Haute Dog

South King Holistic Dog 420 Dog

Our friends at South King Holistic have the best dog.  This lil’ pup is rockin’ The 4.20 Bar shirt.  You know this dog knows what time it is!  Stop by South King Holistic to get your own 420 Bar today.


How Much is Too Much?

Thank You For Eating

So, you decided to eat your medical cannabis instead of smoking it, and your lungs thank you.  But how do you know how much to consume?  And what do you do if you eat too much?  Check out this guide to consuming cannabis activated medibles:

  • Go Slow – When trying any medible, start with half of the lowest recommended dose.  Evergreen Herbal medibles list the amount of delta-9-THC (the psychoactive compound found in cannabis) on each package so patients can easily discern how much THC they are consuming.  Also, taking medication on an empty stomach can intensify effects.  Remember that every patient is unique.  Find a dose that works for you.
  • Patience Is A Virtue – Medibles have a delayed reaction unlike smoking cannabis.  When you consume a medible, the delta-9-THC travels through your digestive system and makes its way to your liver.  Your liver then forms a potent metabolite called 11-OH-THC.  This metabolite accounts for the different feeling you get from consuming cannabis vs smoking it.  So, while you are waiting to feel your medible, your body is hard at work transforming the beneficial cannabinoids into bioavailable compounds.  Give yourself time to feel the full effects of the medible.  We recommend waiting a minimum of 75 minutes before consuming another portion.  If necessary consume another small portion and wait at least one more hour.  It is better to not feel the medible your first time than to overmedicate.
  • Overmedicating – Consuming too much medical cannabis is a common occurrence among medical cannabis patients and can result in hallucinations and acute anxiety.  If you feel you have taken too much cannabis, remain calm.  Find a safe and comfortable place to relax.  Try consuming food and stay hydrated.  Most importantly, know that the feelings will pass with time and that cannabis is non-toxic.

Evergreen Herbal provides safe medibles with accurate THC content on the packaging.  Every batch of activated cannabis is tested for THC content, so we can ensure our products are consistently dosed.  Find the amount that’s right for you!

Evergreen Herbal Thanks You For Eating!

Subtle Tea

At Evergreen Herbal we create medibles that give our patients the freedom to personalize their dose.  Our Subtle Tea is a perfect example.  Each individual tea bag is medicated with .94 grams of cannabis with 40mg of THC.  Patients may adjust the strength of the tea by controlling the time they steep it.  The cannabis oils may cling to the tea bag, so cover your cup of hot tea and let it steep for 10-15 minutes to increase the potency.  We’ve even heard of people that steep it for an hour or more–or even overnight!
Another way to increase the potency is to add milk or cream; dairy or non-dairy will work.  Cannabis is lipophilic, which means the natural fats in the milk bind to the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc) so more potency is pulled from the tea.  It helps your body’s absorption of the medicine!
And if you want even more potency?  Add an Evergreen Herbal Honey Stick to sweeten your cup and add another 20mg of THC!  But back to the Subtle Tea…

Our Subtle Tea is available in four different flavors, with and without caffeine, so choose carefully:
  • PM Formula – This is a non-caffeinated, soothing herbal tisane made with chamomile, spearmint and valerian.  The herbs aid in relaxation and can help you get to sleep.  Try this tea before bed and you’ll be in dreamland before you know it!
  • Chai – This tea is also non-caffeinated.  The bold flavors of spices like cardamom, ginger and cloves pair nicely with the cannabis.  We recommend adding a splash of milk to this exotic brew.
  • Green Tea – This tea is for those of you who want a little caffeine kick, with the antioxidant benefits of green tea.  It is made from 100% Japanese Sencha Green Tea.
  • Black Ceylon Tea – This tea has the highest amount of caffeine, so it is a great way to get your day started.  This full-bodied tea is delicious with a little milk and honey.
Evergreen Herbal’s Subtle Tea is a relaxing and enjoyable to way to consume your medical cannabis.  The small individually packaged tea bags are easy to take on the go so no matter what time of day there will be a Subtle Tea to fit your needs.