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Playboy Magazine and Evergreen Herbal Recipes!

We are so excited that Playboy Magazine highlighted two of our medible recipes in the April issue!  The 4.20 Bar and our Honey Sticks were included in the article Pot & Circumstance.


Evergreen Herbal Launches This April!

Evergreen Herbal

Thank you for visiting our blog and welcome to the world of Evergreen Herbal!  Your Evergreen Herbal family has a singular goal: to bring high quality, consistent, reliable medibles to fellow Washingtonians.  While the patients here at Evergreen Herbal are creating an exciting new company, the recipes have a bit of history behind them, and are tried and true.  Rather than go through the trial and error of creating new untested recipes, we decided to do our homework–our research led us to license proven, award-winning recipes from an already existing company down in California.  Of course we at Evergreen Herbal combine these proven recipes with Washington grown medicinal cannabis to create the most consistent, effective and delicious medibles in our state.  We are so excited to be rolling out our first offerings this April 2013, just in time for 4/20!!

Let us introduce you to the Evergreen Herbal products:

The 4.20 Bar with 180mg THC

This medible has the most THC of all the Evergreen Herbal products.  Each bar contains 180mg of THC derived from 4.20 grams of medical cannabis – hence the name 4.20.  Our 4.20 Bars with 180mg of THC are available in 4 flavors:

  • Milk Chocolate with Toffee: This flavor is exclusive to the triple strength 180mg 4.20 Bar.  It is 35% cacao milk chocolate combined with crunchy, rich toffee bits.
  • Plain Milk Chocolate: Made from 35% cacao milk chocolate.  Our chocolatiers temper couverture chocolate creating a smooth and silky bar.
  • Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt: This vegan bar is made of 64% cacao dark chocolate and topped with a touch of sea salt.  The sweet and salty taste perfectly hides the cannabis flavor, so you can enjoy taking your medicine even more.
  • Dark Chocolate with Popping Candy:  That’s right – we added your favorite explosive candy from back in the day to make a truly unique medible.

The 4.20 Bars have a lot of buzz! You may have seen them featured in this month’s April Playboy magazine issue.  And check out our ad for this amazing medible in The Stranger.

The 4:20 Bar with 65mg THC

These single strength cannabis activated chocolate bars are available in 3 flavors:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt
  • Dark Chocolate with Popping Candy

Tai’s Cute lil’ Tootsies

This tasty lil’ chocolate chew gives you the more value for your money than the other chocolate chews out there.  If you let the chewy tootsie melt in your mouth, the cannabinoids are absorbed sublingually.  That means you’ll be feeling your medicine more quickly.  Available in a single or three pack.  The single tootsie contains 30mg of THC.

Subtle Tea

We also offer medicated tea in convenient single serving tea bags.  Our Subtle Tea contains 40mg of THC in each bag and is available in four flavors:

  • Black Ceylon Tea
  • Japanese Sencha Green Tea
  • PM Formula (caffeine-free, a deliciously soothing herbal blend, plus Valerian)
  • Chai (caffeine-free)

The longer you steep the tea, the stronger it gets, so you can adjust the dose.  The choice is yours!

Honey Sticks

These honey sticks are a sweet and easy to consume treat with 60mg of indica kief.  The all-natural honey comes in a convenient, suckable straw.  Delicious in a hot cup of tea or straight out of the straw.  Each straw contains approximately 20mg THC.

Last, but certainly not least…

Strawberry and Old Fashioned Cannabis Lemonade 

The Strawberry Lemonade is a High Times Cannabis Cup award winning recipe!  Both the Strawberry and the Old Fashioned Lemonade are refreshing and pack 72mg of THC per bottle.  It is made from organic ingredients and contains real lemon pulp, so shake well. Serve ice cold, then kick back and relax!

Again, Evergreen Herbal products will be available to Washington medical cannabis patients this April – just in time for 4/20!

For more information and to stay up to date on Evergreen Herbal medibles, connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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-The Evergreen Herbal Family