The 420 Mini Bar Is Almost Gone

420 Mini Bar

Did you get a chance to try The 420 Bar Mini at your favorite collective?  These sweet and potent mini versions of  The 4.20 Bar have 30mg of THC each.  We challenge you to compare our Evergreen Herbal’s 4.20 Bars to any other bar on the market.  We think you’ll agree for value and quality, these can’t be beat.  The 4.20 Bar contains 180mg of THC and is available in four flavors: Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate + Popping Candy, Milk Chocolate and Milk chocolate + Toffee.  To find your closest collective that carries The 4.20 Bar and other Evergreen Herbal medibles, email


One Haute Dog

South King Holistic Dog 420 Dog

Our friends at South King Holistic have the best dog.  This lil’ pup is rockin’ The 4.20 Bar shirt.  You know this dog knows what time it is!  Stop by South King Holistic to get your own 420 Bar today.

Flashback Friday – Hemp Fest, We Miss You!

Hemp Fest recap

We know Hemp Fest was just last weekend, but we are already reminiscing.  We had a blast in the Splash Blast!  We got dizzy watching the prize wheel spin!  And we met the most amazing people at our 420 Photo Booth!  Share your Hemp Fest pics with us and let’s keep the good vibes going.

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