All The Hemp Fest Details

Evergreen Herbal Map

EVERGREEN HERBAL is going all out at HempFest!  Be sure to visit all three of our EVERGREEN HERBAL booths:

We will be welcoming festival goers at the South Entrance with a spin on our prize wheel.  There will be coupons for FREE medibles easily redeemable at conveniently located medical dispensaries right outside of HempFest!  Our booth is by the HempFest Info booth, so we are easy to find.
STONE VILLAGE (Booth 497):
Capture the good times in The 4:20 Photo Booth.  It’s easy to spot – just look for The 4:20 Bars covering the booth.  Better than taking selfies on your phone!
DANCESAFE TANK (Booths 800-801):
We know you are going to be dancing up a storm in the August heat.  Cool off in our Splash Blast near the DanceSafe Stage.
And keep an eye out for the lovely EH Ladies sporting EVERGREEN HERBAL bikini tops!  These gorgeous gals will be roaming the festival with EVERGREEN HERBAL tattoos and coupons for FREE medibles from conveniently located dispensaries right outside of Hemp Fest.
Check out the attached map for more details.  And click on this Google map link!
See you soon!

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