Evergreen Herbal at Seattle Hemp Fest

Evergreen Herbal

Evergreen Herbal will be hitting the Washington cannabis scene hard at this year’s Seattle Hemp Fest.  There will be interactive and fun booths at each of the three festival entrances, so patrons can meet the hardworking people behind this local cannabis medibles organization.

The Seattle Hemp Fest will be Evergreen Herbal’s official grand opening celebration.  Festival attendees can take a spin at the prize wheel.  They will also be treated to coupons for free Evergreen Herbal medibles at local collectives.  At a second booth people can capture the good times in the Evergreen Herbal 420 Bar photo booth.  Then, they can head over to the last booth for a cool down in the Splash Blast!  

Need help finding one of the fun-filled booths?  The “E-Girls” will be there to help!  These cannabis friendly ladies will be easy to spot in their Evergreen Herbal Bikini tops.  Flag one down for coupons and more info about all the great medibles in the Evergreen Herbal line.  Evergreen Herbal medibles include The 4.20 Bar containing 180mg of THC, Cannabis Lemonade and Tai’s Cute lil’ Tootsies.   

For more information, visit ForEvergreenHerbal.com


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